Franki equipment

With a yard of about 110 machines, owned and hired, and the necessary connections to hire even more, Franki Foundations is able to work on all your jobsites, small and big.


At Franki Foundations, we believe investment is necessary to keep up growing and working with the latest and most efficient tools. In this, we have the support of a Group with a solid financial base, which allows us to afford our ambitions. See here our investment chart over the last five years.

As an example, we recently invested in several units of cutter for the "Grand Paris Express" project.

In-house development & manufacture

Sometimes, even investment is not enough to match the solution we have for your project. That is when innovation comes in. 

In our yard, we can adapt our machines to work on very specific project. 


In 2017, Franki Foundations completed the acquisition of the UK based Martello Group, which is totally in line with our innovation spirit as Martello uses its own in-house specifically designed and manufactured rigs. Those rigs allow to bore deep large diameter piles on site with very restricted access or low headroom.

We are now looking at the possibility to re-use their specific design for other techniques.

Ø 900 mm piles, up to 14 m long, under a 5,5 m headroom and in between existing bridge columns, on the M5 motorway in Piffs Elm.


We strongly believe that digitalisation will bring about major changes in the world of construction, and even more specifically in deep foundations. 

We already feel some changes and our new machines are now equipped with GPS system for the most accurate geolocalisation, as well as digital tools that permit detailed analysis on site and online.

Franki Foundations makes sure its equipment stays modern and performing. That's how 2nd hand machines and equipment regularly available come for sale.
Are you interested in buying our equipment? Please contact Yann Huvenne (

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