In-house engineering

With you from conception to execution

Across the Group, Franki Foundations has 25 people dedicated to studying your project, as from conception, in order to imagine the best solution to your foundations. Next to the technical studies, the engineering department guarantees the quality of our projects and proposes its support for the methods as well as in the different work phases.

A dedicated team

Our engineering department is 100% integrated in the company, in order to support the operations. This partnership "engineering department – construction site" allows for offering customized solutions that take the specific framework conditions inherent to the project into account (guarantee of quality, execution time, working area, environmental problems and cost).

Thanks to their expertise and professional knowledge, the Franki Foundations’ engineers offer assistance throughout the entire process, from design to implementation.

Franki Foundations can also give advice regarding the detailed soil survey that is required to work out an optimal research study. 

Finding the best foundation solution

When receiving a new demand, our Project Managers know they can rely on our in-house Engineering Department to help them find the foundation solution that perfectly matches your project. As from the start, our Engineers will check the technique according to the soil and verify or determine the deep foundations. In the meanwhile, our Drawers will define the best set up for the work site.

And just as important, our Engineering Department will keep following the project while in execution, to help the team on site adapt itself when needed to the reality of the site.

Knowledge and know-how

Our Engineering Department relies on multidisciplinary engineers with a panel of knowledge ranging from soil-structure interaction to drilling methodology. And because knowledge is not the only source of wisdom, our Engineers can also rely on the century old know-how of Franki Foundations.

Because we keep track of the past, of the different soils we've been confronted to and of all the lessons learned, and because we combine this with the most efficient tailor-made software, our in-house engineering office is certainly the most qualified to study all your deep foundations works.

So, what do we do exactly?

Our fields of expertise are:

  • project analysis with integration of structural and geotechnical requirements,
  • local and large geotechnical knowledge,
  • in-house development of calculation softwares, 
  • many structural and geotechnical software knowledge,
  • site scheduling,
  • organization.

Don't hesitate to put us to the test!

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