Quality management to reach operational excellence

Franki Foundations' approach does not only includes the construction of foundations. While working on small or on complex long-term projects, our priority will always be to deliver the highest quality of work, in a very safe environment. This policy aims to satisfying the needs of both our clients, our community, our shareholders and our employees.

Our integrated QHSE management system

To carry out this policy, Franki Foundations and all its subsidiaries have decided to register for commitment to the requirements of a SCC system (Safety Checklist Contractors), or equivalent, in the area of safety, and to implement a quality system based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

This system is a combination of processes and procedures that describe how Franki Foundations implements QHSE in its daily operation, and a number of objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement of our QHSE performance.

In striving for continual improvement, Franki Foundations carries out an in-depth internal and external audit program according to which all business processes, both on site and in our offices, are audited on a frequent basis.
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