Let's go the extra mile for Safety

BESIX Group, including Franki Foundations, believes that our Company cannot succeed without having everyone safe at all time on a BESIX Group site. We are committed to go the extra mile for Safety. What does it means for us? What does it mean for our colleagues, clients, partners and subcontractors? We will not compromise when  it comes to Safety.

Life Saving Rules

Striving for a zero accident policy, BESIX Group has defined 10 Life Saving Rules, based on the most common risks found on construction job sites. It includes falling hazard, moving equipment, working at height, excavation, and so on.

As subsidiary, Franki Foundations also commits to apply those rules at all means and urges our business partners, subcontractors and suppliers to do the same.

Each of us is responsible for his own security, but we are all responsible for each others' safety.

Safety certificates

Find here the Group certificates to our Safety commitments
(SCC = Safety Checklist Contractors, OHSM = Occupational Health & Safety Management)

Platform accessibility

Next to those rules, 50% of the incidents that occurs on the job site are due to stumbling while walking on the platform. It is therefore of utmost importance to ensure a clean and passable platform. 

And while we insist towards our collaborators to keep an eye on keeping the platform free of hazard, we also ask our clients and partners to provide the safest possible work platform as from the first day of work.

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