Project London, United Kingdom

Olympic Park bridge

Legacy post Olympic Games

Extra foundations to enable the widening of the footbridge and the development of the stadium.

Technical specifications

Large diameter bored piles under thixotropic fluid

  • 3 no.
  • Ø 900 mm
  • 23,3 m long

bored under bentonite support fluid, using MP5000 series rotary rig.

Project features

The project required bearing piles to be installed next to the Olympic park footbridge, to widen the existing bridge. The piling platform which was located next to the existing bridge and an adjacent canal, was restricted in size and could only be accessed by a small piling rig under 30 tonnes. 

The ground conditions required the piles to be fully cased or bored under bentonite support fluid.

Martello’s MP5000 series rotary rig was light enough to track down the existing access ramp onto the piling platform. 
Martello were able to successfully install the 900 mm diameter piles to the required design depth, by digging the piles under bentonite, and allowing the client to achieve the diameter and loading capacity required by the design, without the necessity to revert to smaller diameter piles, which may have been necessary with other small light weight piling rigs.

Adapting Olympic Park

Just one year after the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, it is time for cranes and rigs again.

Adaptation works are meant to make from this impressive event location, the Olympics legacy, a brand new urban park featuring green spaces, a sport complex, a Velopark, an aquatics center,... and keep the Stadium alive, which can even be used as concert venue.

Project details

Project name

Olympic Park bridge




Large diameter bored pile under casing, Restricted access bored piling

Contract type



London, United Kingdom



Building Period

2013 - 2013

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