Mega pile

The Mega pile is a high-quality alternative to the classic underpinning, applicable in special and difficult working conditions. It is a jacked pile that consists of short cylindrical elements, made from steel or concrete. By excavating underneath a structure, short lengths of pile can be inserted and jacked into the soil with a hydraulic jack, using the underside of the existing structure as a reaction.

Construction chart

Construction sequence

1. & 2. The penetration of the segments is obtained by means of a hydraulic jack.

3. During jacking, steel segments are progressively welded together.

4. The jacking operation is continued until the penetration resistance - as shown on the pressure gauge - reaches a predetermined multiple of the pile bearing capacity (i.e. the bearing capacity increased with a chosen safety coefficient).

5. The steel elements are filled up with concrete.

6. The pile is placed under the desired preloading.

Completed Mega pile  

Fields of application

• Can be installed in areas inaccessible to the more classic piling techniques and equipment.

• Unlike the classical underpinning method, a pile foundation is realised.

• Most commonly used in underpinning of existing structures or reinforcing of existing foundations.

• The workspace must be located above the groundwater level.

• Simple equipment, no rig is needed. 

Environmental impact

• Vibration-free

• Low noise pollution

• No removal of soil 

• A stable, dry and flat working platform under the existing construction is required.

Technical specifications

• No decompression of the soil

• The length of the pile is determined by the reaction force that can be obtained and/or by the resistance of the soil.

• As a reaction, the own weight of the building that needs to be reinforced can be used – or in the case of a new construction – another ballast..

• Allowable bearing capacity ≤ 200 kN

• By registering the force during jacking up, the pile is “tested” during installation (since the jacking of each pile is in fact a pile load test).

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