a spirit part of our DNA

Since the very first patented Franki pile, innovation has always been part of Franki Foundations. In a constantly changing environment, we use original ways of thinking to realize our ideas and your projects, and to improve our processes and methods.

I started a PhD thesis to bring my own contribution to the world of geotechnics, as well as develop new competencies for myself. As Franki Foundations supports me in it, I look forward to bring new knowledge and skills within the company.

Mohamed Ansriou
Studies Engineer

Innovation, a never-ending process

Edgard Frankignoul was a visionnary man in his time. More than 100 year after the patent of the first Franki pile, and after a whole lot of new techniques designed by the company, Franki Foundations keeps looking for innovative ways to bring your projects to live.

Find hereunder some of the last innovations " made in Franki "

Monitoring screens of the container Be Inject

Be Inject container with 20 pumps

Martello rig for low headroom piling

Cabin of new Fundex F2800-2

A community of innovators

As key member of all major geotechnical and deep foundations federations (ABEF and GBMS in Belgium, FPS in the UK, EFFC in Europe, DFI and ISSMGE worldwide), Franki distinguishes itself by his desire to always find new solutions and export this knowledge across the whole profession and around the world.

The company participates in numerous working groups devoted to the deep foundations techniques (specifications and/or best practices), safety, respect for the environment or training.

To only mention one, we contributed, with the Belgian Construction Training Fund (now fvb-ffc Constructiv) to the creation of training manuals for the machinists and workers in charge of deep foundations. These training courses are now given by FOREM and VDAB in Belgium to job seekers of the construction field.

Transmit the knowledge

With this in mind, Franki Foundations maintains close and permanent links with the academic world and thus participates in the cooperation between technology and applied sciences.

The company's employees include a lecturer at the Haute Ecole Odisee of Aalst, a lecturer at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and lecturers at UCL and ECAM. The company also supervises students for their final work (for the Brussels Engineering School ECAM, and the Katholieke Industriele Hogeschool Oostende) or during their internships (especially from Polytech Grenoble, Katholieke Industriele Hogeschool Oostende, Institut supérieur du bâtiment et des travaux publics Marseille or ESITC Paris). In addition, an engineer from the design office of Franki Foundations has a PhD in progress with the UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve).

The means to achieve our ambitions

These innovations are of course made with the necessary investments. Those are mostly used for the constant renewal of the equipment fleet, in order to follow the technical and performance evolution.

Recently, we note the strategic purchase of a state-of-art cutter allowing the realization of very thick and deep diaphragm walls in the complex subsoils of the Grand Paris Express project, or the acquisition of Martello Piling, an innovative company in a niche market in full expansion.

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