Extraordinary times call for exceptional measures

24 March 2020

BESIX Group fully supports the measures taken by various governments around the world. We all have to play our part actively in slowing down the spread of the virus on our territory.

With regard to the corona situation, BESIX Group has mobilised a team that closely monitors the COVID-19 developments and translates their impact to the employees about the measures to be taken.

Safety & health first

Our measures are in line with the advice given by the official public health authorities, the national guidelines and the experience gained in the other countries and regions where we as BESIX are active. The safety and health of all the people we impact on is always at the forefront of the decisions and guidelines we make and give.

Progress of our activities

BESIX Group continues to work! We support our people to work remotely wherever possible and encourage the use of virtual meeting tools. Depending on the regions where BESIX is active, construction sites are open or closed. Where construction sites are still open, we work closely with our supply chain to monitor the potential impact on construction projects. On sites where social distancing rules are not possible, work is no longer carried out.

Proud of our people

Again, these are extraordinary times that we are in together and still have to face, but we are confident that we will get through them. We are proud of the decisiveness of our people. Compliments on how everyone takes their responsibility. This applies to the employees at home, who are now working remotely, but certainly also to the people who are still in the 'line of fire' or those who could become temporarily unemployed due to the closure of their construction sites.

Together WE CARE!

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