Project Mons, Belgium

Primark Mons

A worksite in the heart of the city

Sector: Buildings

In 2018, a new Primark store will open its doors in the heart of Mons city. 4500 m² of low-cost mode and 240 parking lots boarding the pedestrian area. A technical challenge but most of all a logistic challenge for this work site with such enormous machines in the very heart of the old city.

Technical characteristics

Diaphragm wall

  • 5000 linear meter
  • 42 panels
  • 24 m deep


  • 300 no.
  • Ø 160 mm
  • 25 m long


Technical and logistic challenge

Even though the work site takes place in the pedestrian area of the city, a dense inhabited area where the width of the streets does not always reach 3m50, you can't realize a 5000 m² diaphragm wall without some material:
6 bentonite silos, a grit tank, a storage area, a preparation tank, up to 7 concrete trucks per panel... the challenge in this project was logistic even before it went technical.
It took a careful preparation of our design office and strict tidying of the teams on site to bring equipment and living spaces in the heart of downtown Mons.

Project details

Project name

Primark Mons

Area(s) of expertise



Diaphragm wall, Ground anchors and nails

Contract type



Mons, Belgium



Building Period

2017 - 2017



Bentonite silos

Work site installation

Diaphragm wall


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