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RIVM - CBG building

Foundations without vibrations

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In order to build solid foundations for the new building of the National Institute for Health & Environment (RIVM) and the Medicine Evaluation Board (CBG), Franki Grondtechnieken combined many techniques and knowledge.

Artist impression "RIVM/CBG view from the OV station" - Picture: Felix Claus Dick Van Wageningen Architecten

Technical specifications

+ excavation, leveling and drainage; cut-off of the pileheads (new and existing), removal of excavated soil and drilling spoil.

Technical prowess...

Cutter soil mix (CSM) wall

The building will be surrounded by a retaining wall made of anchored CSM wall, that will permanently retains the soil. The basement and the building will be built inside the wall, with a 0,5 m air cavity in between.

Horizontal injections

To prevent water damage, a horizontal injection layer will be realized at 7 m below ground level.

Implementation of the injection layer consists of injecting sand with a mixture of water glass and hardener. After curing of the product, a dry closed construction pit is created and can be excavated without problems. 

The soil injection is done by BE Inject, the injection department of Franki Foundations.

...without vibrations

The RIVM works with advanced laboratory equipment which is highly sensitive to vibrations. It is thus important for the new building to absorb vibrations so they do not hinder the workings of laboratory equipment.

Various measures have been incorporated in the design to meet those requirements. The tower shifted 20 m further from the tram line for instance.

Foundations also play a major role in this, and so it has been decided to use larger and longer piles and introduce air cavities in the ground surrounding the building so as to absorb vibrations.

Project details

Project name

RIVM - CBG building

Area(s) of expertise

Governmental, Cultural and Religious


Injections, Soil mix - CSM wall, Ground anchors and nails, Large diameter bored pile under support fluid

Contract type



Utrecht, The Netherlands



Building Period

2017 - 2018


Felix Claus Dick Van Wageningen Architecten

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