Project Bruges, Belgium

Stevin - High tension line

Foundations for new pylons and reinforcing existing pylons foundations, in order to support the new 380 kV high tension line from the Belgian electrical grid.

Technical specifications

Area 1 - Zomergem to Eeklo:

Area 2 - Eeklo to post Elia Van Maerlandt Sijsele:

Area 3 - post Elia Gezelle to post Stevin Zeebrugge:

Franki working as general contractor.

Foundations, and much more!

On this project, we delivered much more than only the foundations. We delivered a total package, including: study, negotiations with terrain owners, preparation, access route, platform work, foundations (of course!), concrete works...

At the end, only one third of the contract was dedicated to piling work. 

The Stevin-project

The Stevin-project is a huge infrastructure project that aims to reinforce the high tension electrical grid from Zomergem to Zeebrugge. The project includes: 

  • the creation of a 47 km long high tension line (380 kV), partly above the ground and partly underground.
  • the creation of 3 electrical substations.
  • the destruction of the previous high tension line (150 kV).

In this project, Franki Foundations has realized new foundations for 79 electrical pylons 380 kV, and reinforced 19 existing pylons (to switch from 150 to 380 kV).

Project details

Project name

Stevin - High tension line


High voltage Electrical Grid


Large diameter bored pile under casing, Micropile

Contract type



Bruges, Belgium



Building Period

2015 - 2016

Total value

€ 29.5 million

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