Project Antwerp, Belgium

Refinery modernization

Heavy work in petrochemical environment

Sector: Industry

Optara project aims to modernize the Antwerp platform of Total. Heavy foundations works had to be realized in order to extend and renew some units. Safety and quality are the main priorities in this highly sensitive petrochemical environment.

Technical specifications

Omega screw displacement piles

  • 966 no.,
  • Ø 410 & 460 mm,
  • 16 m long

PCS (Pressurized Concrete Screw) piles

  • 91 no.,
  • Ø 800 mm
  • 18 m long


  • 5 no.,
  • Ø 250 mm,
  • 18 m long


Petrochemical environment = Safety first !

The OPTARA project, involves the installation of a new solvent de-asphalting unit and a mild hydrocracking unit at the refinery to convert heavy fuel oil into desulphurised diesel and ultra-low, sulphur heating oil. The existing atmospheric residue desulphurisation unit will also be upgraded as part of the project.

Our team on site has been specifically trained to be able to work in this highly sensitive environment without compromising security and safety. A site manager has been assigned 100% on this work site and was present every work day. Among others, those processes ensured a smooth working.

From subcontractor to partner

From the first day on, the partnership with our client, Tecnica Reunidas went very smoothly.

Thanks to a very good contact, open and respectful, our Engineering Department has been able to optimize strongly the design of the piles. This allowed to optimize production time, and a delivery of the work in due time.

Project details

Project name

Refinery modernization

Area(s) of expertise

Gaz, industrial chemistry and petrochemistry


Omega screw pile, PCS pile, Micropile

Contract type



Antwerp, Belgium

External partner(s)

Total / Foster Wheeler / Kinetics Technology


Tecnicas Reunidas

Building Period

2015 - 2016

Total value

€ 1.25 million

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