PCS pile

The “Pressurized Concrete Screw” or PCS pile is an auger pile with partial soil extraction and lateral soil displacement resulting from injection of concrete under pressure. The pile is formed by means of a helical screw with a hollow stem. Concreting is achieved by injection of fluid concrete under high pressure through the hollow central stem.

Construction sequence

1. Positioning of the PCS auger

2. Screwing in by means of a rotary head to the required design depth.

For various diameters, a lost closing nut tip located under the screw head prevents any penetration of water and/or soil during screwing-in.

3. Screwing of the auger to the required depth.

4. Controlled withdrawal of the PCS screw as fluid concrete under pressure is simultaneously injected through the hollow stem of the central tube.

5. Head reinforcement and/or full-length reinforcement are/is placed into the freshly poured concrete. Afterwards, collection of the generated spoil surrounding the immediate vicinity of the pile and removal from the job site.

6. Completed PCS pile

Possibility of continuous registration of the installation parameters in order to control the quality of the execution process.

Construction chart

Fields of application

• Execution into highly stratified layers of soil comprising very resistant layers

• As a single pile or as an element of a pile wall (tangent pile wall) à hypertext

• As an alternative solution for large diameter bored piles

• Infrastructure and industrial projects 

Environmental impact

• In vibration sensitive areas: no vibration is introduced because the pile is formed by a combined rotation and translation movement

• In a noise-sensitive environment: low noise level generated

• Removal of soil from the job site

• A stable, dry and flat work platform is required

PCS pile in Liège (Belgium)

Technical specifications

• Possibility to screw through and anchor the pile in very resistant layers of soil (gravel or sandy layers with cone resistance qc > 15 MPa).

• Very wide range of diameters: from 350 up to 1200 mm

• Depth: up to 35 m

• Inclined piles can be performed

• Injection of fluid concrete under pressure results in an increased bearing capacity.

• Reinforcement is placed after the concreting phase

• Allowable bearing capacity up to 8.825 kN

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