Project Aalbeke, Belgium

Distribution Centrum Menen

3 techniques for a BREEAM Excellent building

Sector: Buildings

Foundations for the new European DCVM of sanitary specialist Van Marcke. This huge project of warehouse and offices is a CO2 neutral project, and aims to become a flagship for Van Marcke in terms of environment friendly building.

Technical specifications

Atlas displacement screw piles

  • 1500 piles
  • 400 to 1350 kN safe working load
  • Ø 360 / 560 mm to 460 / 660 mm
  • 12 to 18 meter long

Rigid inclusions Omega

  • 5000 inclusions
  • Ø 340 mm
  • 6 to 7 meter long

Soil mix triple pile (mixed in place) wall

  • Twin Mix columns
  • 350 linear meter
  • 8 meter deep

Three projects in one

The Atlas screw piles were realized for TV Willy Naessens / Stadsbader, as foundations for the structure of the warehouse.

For and in collaboration with Betocor, specialist in industrial concrete floors, and VK Engineering, we have developed an economical and ecological alternative by using rigid inclusions Omega combined with an innovative calculation method.

Then on the south side of the site, the plot is bordered by a newly constructed slope. To allow pipelines to be placed along this slope at a depth of 1,5 meter and to stabilize the slope, we developed a solution using soil mix, up to 8 meter deep with a profile every 1,1 meter. This part of the work was assigned by the client directly.

The challenge

With this flagship building, Van Marcke aims to obtain a BREEAM Excellent certificates, which has driven us to go for greener solutions when participating in the project.

Another specificity of this project was the low headroom available for the execution of the rigid inclusions Omega. We adapted our machine in order to work under just 12,5 meter headroom.

Project details

Project name

Distribution Centrum Menen


Offices, Warehouses and Logistics


Atlas screw pile, Rigid inclusions, Soil mix - Triple pile wall

Contract type



Aalbeke, Belgium


Van Marcke, TV Willy Naessens/Stadsbader, Betocor & VK Engineering

Building Period

2017 - 2017

Total value

€ 2.3 million

Atlas screw piles

Rigid inclusions Omega

Distribution centrum project

Work site overview

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