Project Brussels, Belgium


Foundations for the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels

Sector: Buildings

Franki Foundations was selected by AG Real Estate as general contractor to execute the foundations for the new City of Brussels Administrative Centre. The sustainable oriented project involves the construction of 37.000 m² of offices and a 4-level underground car park that replace the emblematic Parking 58 in the heart of the capital.

Technical specifications

Soil nailing works to secure the existing peripheral wall

  • 80 nails, Ø 130 mm, 16 m long

Waterproof reinforced excavation with 7500 m² diaphragm wall

  • 400 linear metres
  • 50 panels
  • 600 mm thick


  • 115 anchors in one row
  • 1.000 kN tension


  • 32.6 m long
  • Ø 1016 mm x 20 mm

Tension piles

A major project

After preparatory nailing works to secure the existing peripheral wall (the old “Mur des Halles”), Franki Foundations realised 400 linear metres of diaphragm wall which constitute the walls of the future car park.

The particularity of this project was, in addition to the number of technologies applied such as soil nails, anchors, a diaphragm wall and Atlas displacement piles, the use of struts to support the walls of the excavation before and during the placement of the slab. These steel tubes fitted with hydraulic jacks and a monitoring system make it possible to do away with banquettes and the issue of watertightness when installing anchors under the level of the water table, as originally planned. 

Advantages? Struts adapt easily to a very dense urban environment, they reduce the risk of waterproofness problems associated with anchors installed under the water table level, and they allow a phased approach with earth works done in parallel with a number of civil engineering works (see our article on the subject).

Handing over the construction site to the client at the beginning of 2020, Franki Foundations is convinced it ensured solid and sustainable foundations for this new project!

For our ambitious project, Franki Foundations has shown itself to be highly professional in implementing a well-planned operationally and financially balanced solution, with an innovative combination of construction techniques, and a customer-oriented approach.

Chief Design & Build Officer AG Real Estate

Project details

Project name



Car Parks, Governmental, Cultural and Religious


Diaphragm wall, Atlas screw pile, Ground anchors and nails

Contract type

Design & Build


Brussels, Belgium


AG Real Estate

Building Period

2018 - 2020

Total value

€ 6 million

Contract signed

Project illustration by AG Real Estate

Nails in Le Mur des Halles

First wall panel

Work site overview

First struts

Students visit

Under the struts

Concrete slab

Diaphragm wall

Work site - copyright Make Me

Demantling last strut

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