Project Etterbeek, Belgium

Etterbeek City Hall

Sector: Buildings

Technical specifications

Secant pile wall composed of cased auger piles, using twin-rotary drive system

  • 237 linear meter,
  • Ø 630 mm
  • 13 m long


  • 80 no.,
  • Ø 150 mm,
  • 12 m long
  • retains up to 10 m soil mass with one level anchors

Nailed wall

  • 535 m²
  • 12 m high
  • 3 levels of nails

Screwed tube piles

  • 20 no.,
  • Ø 630 mm
  • 1500 kN safe working load

An all-inclusive administration hall

The project includes a whole new neighborhood, including housing, car park, green spaces and nursery.

But the central building will definitely be the new City hall of Etterbeek that will houses much more than just the city administration. In this 20 000 m² modern and passive building, you will find the city offices, a police station, a funeral service and the social security office.

It aims to be the largest building in Brussels constructed according to the Passive House sustainability standard, and wants to obtain a BREEAM certificate "Very good".

Project details

Project name

Etterbeek City Hall


Governmental, Cultural and Religious


Pile wall, Cased auger pile, Ground anchors and nails, Nailed wall, Screwed tube pile

Contract type



Etterbeek, Belgium


BPC / CIT Blaton

Building Period

2017 - 2017


Jaspers-Eyers Architect

Total value

€ 375 000

Piling work

Guide wall

Pïling work


Nailed wall

After excavation

After excavation

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