Project Bujumbura, Burundi

Bralima - Burundi

Technical & logistic optimization

Sector: Buildings

Franki foundations installed 150 driven tube piles for the Burundi Brewers and lemonade makers (Bralima) – a subsidiary of the Heineken International Group – so that they could build new silos.

Nested tubes in container

Technical specifications

Driven tube piles

  • 150 no.
  • Ø 273 mm - 324 mm - 355 mm
  • up to 12 m long

Circular economy on site

Old pipes were reused as lost casings and the remaining pieces of tubes were turned into plugs for the tube piles.

Reinforcing local skills

Franki Foundations favored local workers to work on this project. We sent a team leader and one workman from the headquarters to train five local workmen.

Minimizing environmental impact

Thanks to the choice for driven cast-in-place piles, the amount of raw materials used, waste and transport could be reduced:

  • Reducing the piles’ length and diameter by about 30% meant that the quantity of cement to be poured into the ground could be reduced by 50%, which of course had an impact on the number of transports needed.
  • Thinking about the a safe and optimized transport, the machine has been adapted in order to fit in one standard container. Tubes were also nested in each other to use the container's volume at his best.
  • Plus, the choice of a complete discharge technique meant less displaced earth, and thus less waste and transport.

Driven tube piles

Project details

Project name

Bralima - Burundi


Warehouses and Logistics


Steel cased driven pile


Bujumbura, Burundi


Franki Foundations


Heineken International bv

Building Period

2015 - 2015

Bralima 1

Bralima 2

Bralima 3

Bralima 4

Bralima 5

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