Project Antwerp, Belgium

Vleemo windfarm - phase III

Three new windmills in the sky of Antwerp

Foundations for 3 new wind turbines in Antwerp.

Technical specifications

For the foundation of the first wind turbine:

Driven cast-in-place piles

  • 30 no.
  • Ø 609 mm
  • 16,75 m long

Foundation of the second wind turbine will be realized with the same technique.
The base of the third one will be placed on drilled soil displacement piles with grout injection.

Project details

Project name

Vleemo windfarm - phase III


Wind Energy


Driven pile

Contract type



Antwerp, Belgium


BE Wind


Enercon GBMH

Building Period

2018 - 2018

Placing the reinforcement cage

Withdrawing the steel tube

Lost steel bottom plate

Filling with concrete

Pile driven to 16,75 m deep

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