Steel cased driven pile

The driven tube pile with plug is a close ended, low energy driven full-displacement pile with lost steel tube. The pile is formed using an internal free-fall hammer striking a dry concrete plug locked at the bottom of the casing. The tubular segments are welded together in function of the available free working height.

Construction sequence

1. Positioning of the tube and forming of a plug to seal the bottom of the first permanent tube. Using a free-fall hammer to compact the plug that causes the lower casing segment to be driven into the soil.

2. Welding of the additional tube elements of limited length and continuation of the driving phase.

3. Driving to the required installation depth

4. & 5. Casting (plastic) concrete

6. Placement of the reinforcement  

Construction chart

Fields of application

• In confined, narrow and difficult to access working areas and/or spaces with restricted headroom

• In aggressive soil conditions and contaminated soils

• Suitable in soils with strong underground flow of water, where the fresh concrete is protected by the casing

• Well-suited for piling through cavities or very soft and unstable top or intermediate layers of soil where overconsumption of concrete is likely to occur.

• Where the cut-off level is located above the ground level

• Possibility to maintain with great accuracy the concrete level: execution of non-concreted lengths is possible

• Wide range: industrial projects, infrastructure, hydraulic engineering works, railway works, housing construction, rehabilitation, renovation…

Environmental impact

• Limited vibrations

• Limited noise pollution since driving is performed inside the tube

• No soil removal (soil displacement pile)

• A stable, dry and flat work platform is required.

Technical specifications

• Standard diameters range from 168 up to 609 mm

• Length: theoretically unlimited

• Allowable bearing capacity up to 2.275 kN

• Possibility to withstand horizontal forces if high bending stiffness and shear resistance is required

• Inclined piles with an inclination up to 1/3

• Also called steel cased driven pile

• In certain applications, if higher safe working loads are needed, the piles could be executed with an enlarged base: see the Bawang pile.

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