A FORATEP pile (Tube Enfoncé par FORAge) is a pile formed by grout injection under pressure in a borehole under the support of water or another support fluid. The Foratep pile is installed with small drilling equipment, in confined and narrow working areas.

Construction sequence

1. & 2. Rotary drilling of tubed elements using a drilling fluid

The inner steel tube segment is sealed by a lost closing nut tip.

3. At the required installation depth, replacement of the drilling fluid by a cement grout

4. The completed FORATEP pile

Construction chart

Fields of application

• Pile foundation withstanding reduced loads, suitable in confined spaces or in areas with limited headroom and / of restricted access

• Underpinning of existing buildings and stabilization

Environmental impact

• Vibration-free

• Absence of noise pollution

• Provision should be made to handle the drilling fluid 

Technical specifications

• Length of tube segments variable, but mostly 1 m long

• Injection hole at the bottom of the tube

• Allowable bearing capacity up to maximum 120 kN

• Possibility to resist tensile loads

• Use of self-drilling hollow bars

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