Omega screw pile with grout injection

The Omega pile with grout injection is a pile designed as a vibration-free screw pile with lateral soil displacement. The penetration into resistant layers of soil such as dense sands and gravels is enhanced through the simultaneous injection of grout during the screw-in phase.

Construction chart

Construction sequence

1. The lost closing nut tip is placed under the Omega screw head, thus preventing any penetration of water and/or soil during screwing-in.

2. Using an injection lance during the screwing-in sequence, a mixture of grout mixture is being injected through the hollow tube right to the bottom of the Omega screw, around the pile base and along the pile shaft.

3. The injection of the grout is stopped when the auger is screwed to the designed installation depth.

4. During the screwing-out phase, concrete under pressure is being pumped through the hollow stem of the central tube into the borehole.

5. Placement of the reinforcement after the concreting phase

6. The completed Omega screw pile with grout injection


Possibility of quality control of the pile installation process via the continuous registration of the execution parameters.

Fields of application

• The grout injection increases the penetration rate in densely packed layers of soil (sand, gravel).

• The process of grouting ensures the penetration into dense soil layers and makes it possible to achieve higher bearing capacities.

• Behavior of a soil displacement pile, resulting in high bearing capacities especially with respect to the skin friction.

Environmental impact

• Vibration-free execution

• Low-noise execution 

• Provision should be made to remove from the working platform the excess volume of soil grout slurry generated during the injection phase.

Technical specifications

• The pile is installed by means of injection of grout. This grout is a mixture of cement and water, eventually supplemented with a small amount of bentonite.

• Allowable bearing capacity up to 2.675 kN

• The reinforcement consists of a reinforcement cage, a central rebar, a steel profile or a combination thereof.

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