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Our company is constantly developing and is always on the lookout for enthusiastic and dynamic employees to strengthen our teams. Will you be our next new colleague?

You’ll find the current vacancies below. Don’t hesitate to send us an unsolicited application if none of the vacant positions matches your profile, but you're interested in our company: 

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Why work for Franki Foundations?

Because we're proud of our history and our expertise


Since the early days of Entreprise des Pieux Franki in 1909, more than a century of history and experience has shaped Franki Foundations. Over the years, we have achieved a presence in Belgium, Europe and all over the world, we support emblematic buildings of yesterday and today. 

In the construction world, deep foundations are a field apart, highly specific and often little known, a discipline rarely taught in lecture halls. So how do you find out whether the job suits you? By trying it out, on the ground, accompanied by more experienced colleagues and by our internal engineering department, and by delving in the library of knowledge and expertise that we have built up over the years.

For our local roots and our international reach

You're torn between applying to a small Belgian company or a major international group.... What if you could do both? 

Franki Foundations combines the best of both worlds. In Belgium and at our subsidiaries, offices and sites, our colleagues are genuine “local products”. The advantages of having a stable and local team are well proven: the highly specific expertise and experience of deep foundations lie in the company, the teams know each other, know the techniques and procedures, and work-life balance remains a priority.

Equally, Franki Foundations is an international group with more than 500 employees in 4 countries, taking pleasure in sharing its knowledge in geotechnical working groups and associations from all over the world. And our Group is itself part of an even larger organisation: the BESIX Group, with no fewer than 12,000 employees all over the world. And here again, the advantages of a Group are undeniable: the stability of a sound enterprise, diversity of career opportunities (multiple functions, multiple countries) and a network of colleagues containing experts in every field of construction and more besides.

For our entrepreneurship

Beyond its growth and Group positioning, Franki Foundations retains many aspects of the agility of human-scale structure, with the spotlight on its employees’ entrepreneurship. Innovative and creative ideas are welcome. 

Everyone contributes to the business’s success. On their own level, every employee is pushed to take responsibility and make pro-active suggestions. The company soon gives its employees autonomy and allows everyone to take charge of his or her own role and career. This autonomy also includes a range of training programmes and opportunities for teleworking.

Quotes from insiders

They've been working for us for 5, 10 or 30 years, so they’re best placed to talk about it:

Aurélien - Project Manager

"I’ve now discovered my commercial flair and my job has been changed to take account of this strength."

"I came here 7 years ago, fresh from a degree in industrial engineering. I applied for a position as site manager, but after discussion I signed up as a design engineer. It was a super place to start, because it enabled me to see something of all the foundation techniques and to work on all kinds of projects. 
After 2 years in the engineering department, the suggestion came for me to move on to Project Manager. I started this new chapter with relatively simple projects, such as Your Nature. I still have very fond memories of that one and its technical challenges. Then larger-scale projects: after a year and a half, I was responsible for the day-to-day management of a project worth €9 million. Sites with different techniques (micropiles , pile walls etc.). And on up to projects that were really a lot more complex.
I’ve now discovered my commercial flair and my job has been changed to take account of this strength. I still have one foot in the construction sites so as not to lose sight of the reality on the ground, but I also manage a portfolio of customers and a number of tenders for which I have to juggle techniques and solutions from the simplest to the most creative. 
In seven years with Franki Foundations, I’ve never had the time to get bored!"

Piet - Head of Project

“Once you’ve been bitten by the technology bug, you’ve no option. What's more, not many people are familiar with this speciality, so you acquire rare expertise"

“I joined Franki Funderingen in ‘89, originally as a Site Manager, and after just a few months I was asked if I wouldn’t prefer to do commercial tenders, become a project engineer. I accepted! I love being in contact with people. I like best to sit myself down for whole days at a time in a meeting room, in the most central position possible, see everyone and talk to everyone. That’s the way I learned most about the company, the different techniques and even the French language.
I hadn’t intended to stay in the field of foundations to start with. It seemed to me that it was too frustrating never to be able to show what you had done. But once you’ve been bitten by the technology bug, you’ve no other option. What's more, not many people are familiar with this speciality, so you acquire rare expertise.
Over the years, I got interested in the purchasing of machinery, I multiplied the number of contacts, and I became commercial manager of the Atlas Palen division, then manager of the pile production unit. I love the fast pace of these sites: you talk, you sign, you implement and move forward.
The project I’m most proud of? The first one I signed up as a commercial manager: the Mons Beguinage site, for Lixon. At that time the company didn't have any contracts in that geographical area and I didn't even speak French, maybe that’s why I wanted it!”

Didier - Site Manager

“It’s not unusual to have long careers with Franki Foundations, or even to find families who have been working here for generations.”

“As chance would have it, I’m still with my first employer more than 20 years on! 
I started my professional career in 1979 as a worker at Foraky, which was a subsidiary of the Franki Group at the time. I worked with various drilling techniques: in oil, mining (core drilling), geothermal energy. After that, I worked for BESIX which subsequently integrated Franki Foundations into its Group. That’s how I ended up back with my first employer.
I met former colleagues again there, because it’s not unusual to have long careers with Franki Foundations, or even to find families who have been working here for generations.
The site that made the most impression on me? I would say my first site as Site Manager when I came back to Franki Foundations. It was part of the Genval RER rail network, with no fewer than 5 machines and multiple techniques to supervise. It’s this kind of diversity that I enjoy most. Micropiles, shotcrete, anchoring, nailed walls.... There’s something there to suit every taste!”

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