Rapid Beam

Rapid Beam is a piled precast ground beam system that eliminates the need for formwork and wet concrete methods. The system is extremely quick to install and provides our customers with significant programme savings.  

Construction Sequence

1. Piling - Piling Operations commence and are tailored to every project offering a range of different methods inclusive of CFA, Omega, Atlas and driven precast concrete piles. 

2. Cropping & Preparation - Piles are prepared using industry standard techniques, and locating bars are dowelled into the pile, or projection bars exposed depending on the design requirements. Piles are integrity tested prior to beam replacement. 

3. Beam Placement - Precast concrete beams are delivered on a just-in-time basis, each beam is uniquely marked and off-loaded directly into position for rapid installation. Cast-in-grout tubes and joints are filled using high strength non-shrink grout.

4. System Completion - Rapid Beam can be supplied along with block & beam or insulated flooring to provide a complete solution. Flooring options are installed directly onto the beams. The brick and blockwork can now proceed without the need for a curing period. 

Field of application

Domestic housing, apartments and low-rise commercial structures. 

Environmental impact

Rapid Beam reduces the need for wet trades and hence reduces the number of deliveries of wet concrete off site, significantly reducing wagon movements and reducing contaminated spoil removal. 
When coupled with our displacement piling techniques this technique can result in almost zero muck removal. 

Technical Specifications

Rapid Beam is a 450mm x 500mm beam which can be installed on CFA, Omega, Atlas and driven precast concrete piles. The system can be fully heave protected and the package can include the installation of block and beam or insulated flowing depending on the U values required. During design process the best positions of the drainage/services are determined and ducts will be cast into the beams to accommodate specific requirements. 

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