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Paradis Express - foundations

A large range of techniques for a new eco-district

Sector: Buildings

“Paradis Express” is a new 35.000 m² sustainable neighbourhood located between the Liège-Guillemins railway station and the Financial "Paradise" Tower of Liège. It involves the realisation of a mix of retail & services, offices and housing.

Technical specifications

In the office zone: 

Anchored secant pile wall

  • composed of 311 cased-auger piles
  • Ø 630 mm, 12 m long
  • twin rotary-drive system
  • 1 row of anchors, 12 m long

In the housing zone:

Anchored pile wall

  • composed of 337 soilmix columns
  • Ø 630 mm, 5 to 6 m deep
  • 1 row of anchors

203 Pressurized concrete screw (PCS) piles

  • Ø 500, 800 & 1.200 mm
  • 8.5 to 14.5 m long
  • Safe working loads (SLS): 400 to 9.000 kN compression and 0 to -2.020 kN tension

Before the execution of the Ø 1.200 mm PCS piles, obstacle coring through a concrete slab and old reinforcement bars.

Pile head stripping.

Project details

Project name

Paradis Express - foundations


Residential, Offices


PCS pile, Pile wall, Soil mix - Triple pile wall

Contract type



Liège, Belgium



Building Period

2019 - 2020

Total value

€ 1.2 million

Working in the sun

Project illustration - copyright Befimmo & 3D Miysis

Pile wall

Pile wall

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Work site

Paradis tower

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