Project Brussels, Belgium

UP Site

A milestone in general contracting

Sector: Buildings

Franki Foundations has worked on this project as general contractor for foundations, delivering the full package of foundations work for this new tower in the Canal area in Brussels.

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Technical specifications

Diaphragm wall

  • 3.500 m²
  • 800 mm thick
  • 18 and 57 m deep


  • about 10.000 m²
  • 800 mm thick
  • up to 53 m deep
  • various forms: T-shape, rectangular, etc.

Large diameter bored piles

  • Pre-drilling of existing piles prior to execution of diaphragm wall by executing large diameter bored piles

An emblematic tower for Brussels

Visible from all over the city, UP Site is the tallest residential housing in Belgium.
140 meters high, 42 floors, the project offers a mixed complex of offices, luxury living and shops, with special attention to the development of public spaces, and it contributes to the redevelopment of this strategic area for Brussels.

An emblematic project for Franki Foundations

For this project, Franki Foundations worked as general contractor, delivering the whole foundations work package.

This means realizing the wall, of course, but also managing subcontractors for excavation for instance.

Project details

Project name

UP Site


Residential, Offices


Diaphragm wall, Barrette

Contract type



Brussels, Belgium


Atenor Group

Building Period

2010 - 2011


Ateliers Lion Architectes - Urbanistes (Paris) et A2RC Architects (Bruxelles)

Total value

€ 8.7 million

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