Project Noisy-le-Grand, France

Grand Paris Express - OA 802

new line 15 South

Access well for tunnel boring machine and part of future station in Noisy-le-Grand.

Technical specifications

Diaphragm wall

  • 43 panels
  • 1,20 m thick
  • 33 to 36 m deep


  • 17 no.
  • 39 m deep
  • 1,20 m thick


Which also means 13.000 m³ soil excavated & 11.000 m³ concrete poured.

One well, two goals

This site aims to be at first an entry well for the second tunnel boring machine of the Grand Paris Express project, which will be digging towards Bry-Villiers-Champigny.

In the long term, this structure will be an access shaft for firefighters to the Noisy-Champs station. It will also serve as ventilation and smoke extractor well.

The "Grand Paris Express" project

With the Grand Paris Express project, the French capital will receive a second metro network aimed at serving its suburbs. 
The scope of the work is impressive: four whole new lines, extensions of two existing lines, seven new technical centres and no less than 68 new stations, this ambitious project will double the size of the current Paris subway (from 220 km to 445 km), which serves principally the 20 districts located inside the Paris ring road (périphérique). 

The new lines of the Grand Paris Express will be connected to the existing transport network. Essentially underground, the new metro will cross the municipalities of the greater Paris metropolis to connect them among themselves and with the capital. This will make it easier to get from one part of the Île-de-France to another without going through Paris, but also to reach more quickly the heart of the capital from its suburbs.

The Grand Paris Express will serve the major business areas (airports, business centres, research and university centres) and other suburbs that are currently difficult to access. It will bring everyone closer to their workplace and make daily journeys faster and more pleasant. Finally, it represents a new alternative to the car, thereby reducing pollution, traffic jams and helping to create a metropolis that is more respectful of the environment.

It is the largest urban project in Europe nowadays.

Project details

Project name

Grand Paris Express - OA 802

Area(s) of expertise

Railways, Tunnels


Diaphragm wall, Barrette

Contract type



Noisy-le-Grand, France

External partner(s)

Groupement Alliance


SGP (Société Grand Paris)

Building Period

2017 - 2017

Aerial view - after excavation

Worksite view

Cutter at work

Aerial view - diaphragm wall in progress

Red carpet for the sandblasting tanks

Bentonite zone

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